FullBloom uses Okta to streamline access to the applications we all use on a regular basis, as well as to help protect and keep our systems secure.   The following information will guide you through activating Multi-Factor Authentication for your Okta account.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at help@fullbloom.org

Once MFA is turned on, the next time you access Okta, it will ask you to set up your MFA options.  The options for MFA are:  Security Question (required), Okta Verify using the Okta app for your phone, SMS Authentication, and Voice Authentication.  Best practice is to choose more than one option for MFA. 


Security Questions (Required)

  1. Click on the Security Question Setup
  2. Choose your security question and add an answer you will remember – answers must be more than 4 characters long

Okta Verify:

A.  .Click Setup or Configure Factor under Okta Verify.

B.  Choose your mobile device type – you will need to download the Okta Verify App from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store, depending on what OS your device is running, to your mobile device, and then click Next.

C.  The next screen requires you to scan a barcode from within the Okta Verify App. Open Okta Verify on your mobile device, click add account and scan the code on the computer screen.  Note, Okta will ask you for permission to use your camera, click continue to allow.  Once completed, the app will show you as successfully enrolled.    You will also receive an email notice of your enrollment. 

D. The Okta Verify app will show a number that changes every 30 seconds.  That will be the number you can enter to verify your account.

E. The following screen confirms that Okta Verify is an Enrolled Factor. You can also configure additional factors from this page and then choose which way you would like to verify your account when accessing Okta. Click Finished to complete Okta Verify setup.

SMS Authentication

  1. Click Setup for SMS Authentication Setup
  2. Choose country, put in your phone, and click Send Code
  3. Enter the code on the screen, and click Verify, and Done

Note, you can also set up or change your MFA options later.  To add or update these, log into Okta, under Your Name, go to Settings, and down to Extra Verification.  Click set up and Okta will walk you through the rest! 

Logging In using MFA:

Each time you access Okta, you will need to verify it is really you.  After you log into Okta, you will have a choice how you want to verify:

1.  Using Okta Verify – it will send you’re a message and you can Accept or Deny

2.  You can enter the Code on the Okta Verify App – note this code is only good for the time shown in the App.

3.  You can receive an SMS message – be sure to click Send Code

4.  You can answer your security question