Using Okta

Catapult Learning will be moving to Okta to streamline access to the applications we all use on a regular basis, as well as to help protect and keep our systems secure.   The following information will guide you through the basics of using Okta.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Sign in to Okta:

  1. Type your Username (your work email address)
  2. Type your Password you set up when activating your Okta account (if you forget your password, click on the Need Help Signing In? link)
  3. Click on the Sign in button
  4. The Okta dashboard will show with all the apps which you have been assigned

App Types in Okta:

Different apps within Okta will behave differently.  Some apps will auto work without you having to do anything, including UltiPro, Email and Zoom.  Some apps you will need to enter your password once to set up the app. 

Note:  Some apps will need a plugin installed.  If you do not have the plugin, you will need to install it.  Directions on how to do this can be found here: 



Using Okta at a Glance:

  • Click on any chiclet to launch that app or type in the name in the Launch App search box
  • Drag and drop any chiclet to change the order in which it displays
  • Click on the + by the tab names to create a new tab (manage up to 5 tabs)
  • Drag and drop any chiclet into another tab to organize apps
  • Click on the tab name to view the apps in it
  • To change the name of the current open tab, hover by the name and click on the pencil icon

Adding an App:

Most apps will be auto assigned.  To add an available app:

  1. Click on the +Add Apps button on the top right
  2. Search for the app
  3. Click on the Add button
  4. Return Home when done

If there is an app you would like added to Okta please contact and include the app name and URL. 

Updating in Okta:

For apps where you had to enter your username and password once and changes are made to your username/password, the new information must be updated in Okta. 

Viewing Passwords in Okta:

For these same apps where you had to enter your username and password, you can also view the password if needed. 

Auto Launch Apps:

If there are apps you want to launch each time you got into Okta, you can choose to have them start when you log into Okta.




 Reset Password

If you forget your password, click on the Need help signing in? link, then to Forgot Password

You have 3 options to reset your account but to use the SMS or Voice call, you need to be sure to add your phone to Okta.  If you choose email, an email with a reset link will be sent to both your Catapult Learning email and your personal email.  Personal emails are pulled directly from UltiPro.

If you do not receive the email or SMS, please contact

Additional Okta Information:

The information below is only for those users with Multi Factor Authentication turned on:

Logging In using MFA:

Each time you access Okta, you will need to verify it is really you.  After you log into Okta, you will have a choice how you want to verify based on which options you set up.  Directions on how to add additional options are at the end of this document.

1.  Using Okta Verify – it will send you’re a message and you can Accept or Deny

2.  You can enter the Code on the Okta Verify App – note this code is only good for the time shown in the App.

3.  You can receive an SMS message – be sure to click Send Code

4.  You can answer your security question