Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Okta

Catapult Learning will be moving to Okta to streamline access to the applications we all use on a regular basis, as well as to help protect and keep our systems secure.   The following information will guide you through using Multi-Factor Authentication for your Okta account.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Logging In using MFA:

Each time you access Okta, you will need to verify it is really you.  After you log into Okta, you will have a choice how you want to verify based on which options you set up.  Directions on how to add additional options are at the end of this document.

1.  Using Okta Verify – it will send you’re a message and you can Accept or Deny

2.  You can enter the Code on the Okta Verify App – note this code is only good for the time shown in the App.

3.  You can receive an SMS message – be sure to click Send Code

4.  You can answer your security question

Adding Additional MFA Options:

To add or update MFA options, log into Okta, under Your Name, go to Settings, and down to Extra Verification.  Click set up and Okta will walk you through the rest!