Catapult Learning will be moving to Okta to streamline access to the applications we all use on a regular basis, as well as to help protect and keep our systems secure.   The following information will guide you through the different ways to access your work email.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at  Be sure to use your work email and Okta password to sign in!

Accessing email via web browser:

If you access Email/Office 365 on a web browser, you will have two options to access it.

Access Office 365 on your laptop or desktop (Office installed):

When you open Outlook or any Office app, you will be prompted to enter a password and will be automatically taken to an Okta login screen. After entering your account information, you are all set and will be able to use Office 365. Be sure to use your Okta password!  Note, you will only need to enter your account information every 90 days.

Access Office 365 on a mobile device:

Mobile devices will work similarly to Office apps installed on a computer, but it will depend on if you use the Outlook mail app, or the native email app on your phone.

Outlook app: If you use the Outlook mobile app, you will see a notice at the bottom requesting your password. Click on Sign In and enter your Okta account information.

Native Phone Email App:  If you use the default email app on your mobile device, you will get a pop up to update your password. Click to edit your password and be sure to use your Okta password! Note, this will take you to the settings on your phone, and you will need to return to your email.